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Friday, December 16, 2016

December 16, 2016


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Liberals' Carbon Tax a Factor as North Atlantic Cuts Jobs


Barry Petten, Environment C‎ritic for the Official Opposition, says, "The carbon tax that the Ball Liberals just agreed to is being cited by North Atlantic Refining as a factor as they cut jobs in the province, and may impact their ability to survive."


"These are precisely‎ the consequences we warned about when we questioned the Ball Liberals about their sudden decision to support the federal Liberals on the carbon tax after first saying they were opposed to it.


"In the spring, we passed made-in-Newfoundland-and-Labrador legislation to monitor and address the issue of greenhouse gas emissions in a way that would be sensitive to the need to safeguard local industries that employ our people,” said Petten.


"We have been asking the Ball Liberals questions on how their new carbon tax will impact ‎local industries, but they have provided no answers or analysis to show that local employers and jobs would be protected. Now we are seeing the results of their failure to think this through.


"Has the Premier, the Natural Resources Minister or the Environment Minister spoken with North Atlantic about the impact ‎of the Liberal carbon tax on them? Have they offered to find a way forward that protects them and their employees, or are they content to let jobs disappear from our province? This is a big industry to lose, and it's easier to save jobs than to win them back once they're gone. Why aren't the Ball Liberals doing more to protect jobs in our province?


"Newfoundland and Labrador is doing its part to reduce greenhouse gases by investing in the development of Muskrat Falls and the shift from fossil fuels to hydro for electricity‎. We demanded that the Liberals take that investment into account to spare the few local industries the full impact of a heavy new carbon tax - but the Liberals seem content to sacrifice local jobs to a made-in-Ottawa approach that fails to take into account the fragility of our province's economy,” said Petten.


"Saskatchewan's Premier Brad Wall‎ is fighting for his province and standing against the Liberals' carbon tax plan, but with a similar economy to Saskatchewan's, our province lacks a Premier willing to fight for local jobs.


"President-elect Trump is signaling he may back away from climate change initiatives, which will place us at an even greater competitive disadvantage. Are the Liberals so tied to a single scheme that they are prepared to ignore the consequences of our employers being uncompetitive?" added Petten.






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