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Emera Has More Confidence in Electricity Markets than Newfoundland and Labrador Premier


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, says Nova Scotia’s Emera has more confidence in the strength of New England electricity markets than Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Dwight Ball.


Emera announced this week that it plans to build an Atlantic Link project, which includes a 563-km subsea high voltage direct current (HVdc) electric transmission cable between New Brunswick and Massachusetts – more than triple the length of the 170-km subsea cable between southwest Newfoundland and Nova Scotia – to deliver 900 megawatts of clean energy to the American market.


Emera has provided its reason why the Atlantic Link is needed, stating: “The project is being developed in response to an expected 2017 solicitation for up to 9.45 terawatt hours (approximately 1,200 megawatts) of hydro and/or wind energy mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” http://investors.emera.com/file.aspx?IID=4072693&FID=37487986


Emera’s project website expands on this by stating: “This project is being proposed in response to an expected 2017 procurement for clean energy mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The procurement is intended to diversify the Commonwealth’s energy mix and help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, contributing to GHG reduction targets established under the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act. This energy is also needed to replace the ISO-New England energy that will be lost with the scheduled closure in mid-2019 of the Pilgrim Nuclear Station.” http://www.atlanticlink.com/en/home/the-project/faqs.aspx


By contrast, Premier Ball upon returning from meetings with Eastern Canadian premiers and New England governors in Massachusetts in September 2016 appeared to dismiss any electric market opportunities in New England and went as far as to say there may not be a New England market for Newfoundland and Labrador hydroelectricity.


“Premier Ball and the Liberals have been dismissive of the fact that North American markets are in the hunt for new green power sources. Emera has identified an opportunity and is positioning to sell clean energy into Massachusetts, at the same time that Premier Ball has dismissed any opportunities. Emera is willing to invest in new infrastructure to capture the very New England market that Mr. Ball sees no future in. Is the Premier out of the loop or simply not on top of issues?” said Davis.


“The fact is that New England states have been developing legislation and policy to allow for the importation of Canadian green energy that would: 1. create greenhouse gas credits; 2. create a larger market for New England instead of stand-alone states; and 3. allow for long-term contracts that would be beneficial to the market and more importantly to the supplier (for example, Canadian clean energy sources). After the Emera announcement this week, Premier Ball confirmed there are no discussions taking place between the Liberal government and Emera. The fact is there were strong discussions between Nalcor and Emera under our administration concerning New England opportunities. Has something changed? Why are Premier Ball and Minister Siobhan Coady not on top of yet another important natural resources issue? The Premier appears to be comfortable to wait and see what happens,” said Davis.




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