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Thursday, January 26, 2017

January 26, 2017


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Province Loses Labrador-Grenfell Health Board Chair Over Political Behavior of Mitchelmore


Steve Kent, Health Critic for the Official Opposition, is calling on Premier Dwight Ball to reprimand Minister Chris Mitchelmore over behaviour that has just cost the province the Chair of the Labrador-Grenfell Regional Health Board Authority.


"It has come to light that Minister Mitchelmore - who is not even the Minister of Health - conspired to politicize recent health care announcements in the Labrador-Grenfell region, by excluding the local health board chair from announcements that were not just in the region in which he serves, but in his very home community," ‎said Kent.


"Although others were invited to attend, board chair Raymond Norman was ‎excluded, even though one of the announcements was in his home town of Roddickton and the others - in Flower's Cove and St. Anthony - are in the region he serves as board chair," said Kent.


"This was not just ‎an outrageous slight, but it undermined the chair's effectiveness in his role, which advocates for health care services for the people of the region. Minister Mitchelmore’s interference has led to the resignation of Mr. Norman, whose role was undermined as a result of not being notified or included in announcements in the region.”


"Minister Mitchelmore's behaviour is appalling, and should not be tolerated by the Premier. I am urging the Premier to publicly reprimand the Minister for the outrageous manner in which he has conducted himself as a representative of the provincial government. To politicize health care announcements for political gain at the expense of the integrity and smooth functioning of our health care system is unacceptable," he said.


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