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PC Opposition Demands Ball Liberals Stop Hiding $1.9M Muskrat Falls EY Report, Oversight Committee Reports


Keith Hutchings, Natural Resources critic for the Official Opposition, is demanding that Natural Resources Minister Siobhan Coady release an updated EY report along with the reports the Muskrat Falls oversight committee has done during the Liberals’ 17-month term of office.


“For the 17 months since they were sworn into office in December 2015, the Ball Liberals have borne the responsibility for managing and overseeing the Muskrat Falls project. Yet in that entire 17 months, they have refused to release any of the reports on the work the Muskrat Falls oversight committee has done during their term of office, and they have released nothing from EY in more than a year, a report which has a pricetag of close to $2 million,” said Hutchings.


“The Muskrat Falls oversight committee was appointed by the previous administration in March 2014, and in the period up until the government changed in December 2015, our administration made those reports public on a regular basis,” said Hutchings.


In December 2015, the government commissioned EY to review certain aspects of the project. To date, they have released only an April 2016 “interim” report by EY – a report the government now admits cost approximately $1.9 million dollars.


“Since the Ball Liberals took office, they have drawn a veil of secrecy down over the Muskrat Falls project, hidden the reports that the oversight committee has done on their watch, and hidden the work EY has done – at great public expense – for the past year. EY was involved with the oversight committee prior to the new Liberal administration forming government, and the Liberal government has blocked the release of recommendations. Under their watch, the EY review has ballooned to close to $2 million. What is the value of this report if the Liberals have blocked the release of information? Why won’t the Liberals release the report?”


Hutchings said, “The Minister will not tell the public what EY has found during the past year. She says that information is with the oversight committee, whose reports she is also hiding. Why the secrecy? Don’t the Liberals believe taxpayers have a right to know what is happening on the Muskrat Falls project on the Liberals’ watch? The people of the province do indeed have a right to see the reports the Muskrat Falls oversight committee has done over the past 17 months, and updated information from EY as well, and the government has an obligation to make this information public and stop hiding it from the people.”




Media Contact: Heather MacLean,


Director of Operations and Communications,


Office of the Official Opposition (709) 729 6105, heathermaclean@gov.nl.ca


Regular reports of the Muskrat Falls oversight committee on work completed prior to the change of government in 2015:


• July 2014 - https://www.gov.nl.ca/mfoversight/pdf/mfoversight.pdf


• September 2014 - https://www.gov.nl.ca/mfoversight/pdf/report_sept_2014.pdf


• December 2014 - https://www.gov.nl.ca/mfoversight/pdf/report_dec_2014.pdf


• March 2015 - https://www.gov.nl.ca/mfoversight/pdf/report_mar_2015.pdf


• August 2015 - https://www.gov.nl.ca/mfoversight/pdf/report_aug_2015.pdf


• December 2015 - https://www.gov.nl.ca/MFoversight/pdf/December-Report-2015.pdf


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