Davis Calls on Premier to Make Change

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Friday, June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017


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Davis Calls on Premier to Make Change and Reassign Responsibilities for Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs




Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, is calling on Premier Dwight Ball to make important matters to Labradorians and members of our Aboriginal communities a priority by assigning the responsibility for Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs to one of his Labrador caucus members.




“It is clear that the Premier doesn’t understand the challenges facing Labradorians or Aboriginal people in our province, and does not have their confidence. The concerns and best interests of Labradorians and Aboriginal people are being lost in the ocean of other responsibilities he is overseeing as Premier. He clearly does not have the time to get up to speed on the issues that matter to those whose affairs he is supposed to be shouldering. They don’t have his ear, and he isn’t their voice,” said Davis.




“All four Labrador MHAs sit in the Premier’s Caucus, and it is baffling that he has not chosen one of them to take on the significant responsibilities of administering Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs and becoming a voice for Labradorians and Aboriginal people in our province at the Cabinet table,” said Davis.




“We have already seen a situation where progress on the Muskrat Falls project was threatened because of the Premier’s poor relations with Labradorians and the Aboriginal people of the region. Despite his assurances to the people with concerns, they don’t have confidence that he understands or really cares about their concerns. He is treating people with a lack of respect that’s not acceptable. They want to be heard in a meaningful and respectful way, ” said Davis.




“The dodging has gone on for far too long, and Labradorians have had enough. It’s time for the Premier to give Labradorians and Aboriginal people a Minister who has the time to listen to them, work with them, advocate on their behalf and make their concerns a top priority,” he said.








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