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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 28, 2017


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Opposition Writes Premier, Minister, Nalcor CEO Asking When They Learned Of and Received the SNC-Lavalin Report




Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, has today written individually to Premier Dwight Ball, Natural Resources Minister ‎Siobhan Coady and Nalcor Energy CEO Stan Marshall, asking when each of them learned of and received the April 2013 SNC-Lavalin risk assessment report on the Muskrat Falls Project.


The letters state:


On Friday, June 23, 2017, Premier Dwight Ball distributed a report entitled “SNC-LAVALIN RISK ASSESSMENT LOWER CHURCHILL PROJECT 505573”, which was dated April 2013 and clearly marked ‘Confidential for SNC-Lavalin internal use only'.


When did you first have knowledge of the existence of this report?


Who first informed you of the existence of this report?


When did you first receive this report?


Who first provided you with a copy of this report?


What was the date of the alleged meeting between SNC-Lavalin, Nalcor officials and the former CEO Ed Martin? Who was in attendance at the meeting?


When did the current Chair and Board of Directors of Nalcor became aware of the 2013 SNC-Lavalin risk assessment and were any actions taken on receipt of the report?


Davis said, "The statements coming from the Liberal government about this report are inconsistent. Statements made on Tuesday differed significantly from those made just four days earlier. Considering the seriousness of the things being said or insinuated, that inconsistency is unacceptable. People deserve clarity, and the Premier, the Minister and the CEO of Nalcor have an obligation to be clear. It is important that people have the facts, and their clear answers to these questions would be a good place to start."






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