Cabinet Shuffle a Missed Opportunity

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 10, 2017


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Cabinet Shuffle a Missed Opportunity for Labrador and Indigenous People


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, "Premier Ball missed a golden opportunity last week to reassign ‎his Labrador and Indigenous Affairs portfolio to a new Minister from Labrador who could focus on the portfolio full time."


"Clearly, the Premier's decision to squeeze Labrador and Indigenous Affairs ‎in between his many other responsibilities has not worked in the best interests of Labradorians and Indigenous people throughout our province. While having a Parliamentary Secretary for Indigenous Affairs is a step in the right direction, a strong voice at the cabinet table is what is required,” said Davis.


"The unrest and dissatisfaction of Labradorians and Indigenous communities is a sign that their voices are not being heard and their best interests are not being served. After the events of the past two years, the Premier has squandered this opportunity to give Labradorians and Indigenous people a voice at the Cabinet table of a Labrador Minister whose primary focus is their concerns."


"Some Labradorians are getting more attention from Quebec than they're getting from their own government. Labradorians and Indigenous people want things to change. They want to be heard. Their frustration over being sidelined for the past two years is obvious and growing, and that is ‎spilling over in ways that are bad for our province, bad for investment and bad for those communities," he said.


"We've raised this on numerous occasions, and people were really hoping things would change with this recent Cabinet shuffle‎. The fact that he let this opportunity slide is proof that the Premier is too distracted to listen or to recognize what needs to be done. It simply wasn't his priority, and that's sad," said Davis.






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