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New Minister Should Release the Complete Roadwork Ranking List


Barry Petten, Transportation Critic for the Official Opposition, is calling on the new Transportation Minister to start off on the right footing by releasing the complete list of roadwork rankings, not just the partial list issued by his predecessor.


‎"The previous Liberal Minister told us that, from now on, roadwork priorities will be determined by the evidence, not politics, and all roadwork requests will be ranked in order of priority. But when we asked for the full list of rankings, we were offered only a partial list of the projects actually approved for the current year. Not only were future projects redacted from the multiyear list, but there was no list showing the rankings of the projects not approved."


"The only way to tell if the government has approved the highest-ranked projects is to see the full list showing all the rankings for all the projects considered, not just the rankings of those that were approved. If the government wants to make good on their promises, open the entire list to the public and let the public know where their roads rank and if they are indeed considered a priority.


Petten said, “Similar to the change in course the Liberals claim the new Finance Minister is taking, the new Minister of TW also has a golden opportunity to do things differently. Release the entire list, and let the people of the province challenge the evidence and the priorities if they feel it's warranted. It may be a politically risky thing to do, but it's the right thing to do. Openness and transparency makes for better decision-making."




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