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Friday, August 18, 2017

August 18, 2017


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Ferryland District Road Maintenance Causing Concerns for Residents, Business and Tourists




‎Ferryland MHA Keith Hutchings said, "The lack of road maintenance and new investment in road infrastructure in parts of Ferryland District is undermining the economic potential and in some cases the safety of residents of the region. Whether it is parts of the Robert E. Howlett Highway, or Route 10 - washouts on shoulders, potholes in Cappahayden Barrens and from Trepsassey to St. Vincent’s - it is mid-August and all travelers on these roads have never seen the government wait this late in the year for basic maintenance. The region continues to grow with new residents and economic opportunity, like World Heritage site Mistaken Point (which last year obtained UNESCO status), but yet tourism and business operators are frustrated by the lack of awareness by government of the effects of not meeting its obligations, especially on the southern Avalon."




"While we all recognize the vast amount of highways in our province, the very minimum is to provide basic maintenance early in the spring to allow safe travel for all concerned. In Ferryland District, a reduction in summer staffing and an increase in jurisdiction for particular depots has made their jobs to meet the needs impossible; they can only do so much. A government that speaks of economic development and diversification of the economy must recognize the transportation system is key to sustainability and growth in regions. As an example, when visitors come to our UNESCO World Heritage Site - and they are indeed coming in greater numbers - ‎they are leaving with stories of the poor road conditions they encounter. We would never want the huge potential to attract tourists to the only provincially managed world heritage site in the province to be determined by the lack of maintenance to roads."




"The Liberal government’s Five-Year Provincial Roads Plan lists some of the planned expenditures up to 2022 with criteria listed as 'Safety, Reliability and Usage'. The problem is, only roads included in the plan are rated; if your road is not listed, you do not know the rating of the road or the ranking score. While 'Route 10, Upgrade and repave from Cappahayden towards Chance Cove Park (multi-year)' is listed for the years 2019-2020, no further details on work, distance, or investment are given. I have asked for the rankings of Routes such as the Witless Bay Line, various sections of Route 10 and the Robert E. Howlett highway, but they are not being released," he said.




"Roadwork is needed for the benefit of people who live here, for those that want to invest and to support all industries. Ferryland District, like so many others, requires a transportation network that receives maintenance and upkeep and a commitment for the kind of long-term upgrades that have taken place in the last number of years.




"The government has never released the entire ranking of provincial roadwork. The public should know what proposals have been submitted and what projects the Liberal government sees as a priority."




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