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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August 29, 2017


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Minister Must Provide Answers on Respiratory Therapy Program


David Brazil, Advanced Education Critic for the Official Opposition, said, “The new Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour, Al Hawkins, needs to provide the answers that his predecessor failed to provide about the College of the North Atlantic Respiratory Therapy program, which lost its accreditation in 2017, a year after it was placed on probation in June 2016.”


“What will happen to students part-way through the program whose career paths were severely disrupted by the loss of accreditation? Have all been placed under the care of another post-secondary institution where they can complete their program? Will the coursework they have already completed be fully recognized? Will they suffer any consequences for having been associated with the cancelled program? Are they going to be compensated for any added expenses they might incur because of the disruption they have endured? Is the government looking out for their well-being?” said Brazil.


“What will happen to first-year students who did not find out until midsummer that they would need to change their career plans? Have all of them been offered other opportunities at the College, or special help gaining entrance into similar programs elsewhere? Have any been affected by missed application deadlines for other programs because of the late notice they received of this program’s cancellation?”


Brazil added, “What will happen to the program itself? Will the College give up on it, or work to ensure it can restore accreditation? Is the government taking a hands-on role to ensure that the College works with the Accreditation Council to resolve the issues they identified?‎"


“Why weren’t current students informed last year as soon as the program was placed on probation and told of its implications? Why weren't the applicants who were just accepted into the program's first year told that the program was on probation and what that could mean? What did the government and the College do during the past year of probation to avoid the loss of accreditation? These and other questions need answers. It’s time to hear the Minister answer them,” said Brazil.




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