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Another School Year Begins With No Action to Improve Educational Outcomes




Dave Brazil, Education Critic for the Official Opposition, said, "It's disappointing to see another school year begin with no action by the Ball Liberals to improve educational outcomes."




"It's now been years since the Liberals made their promise to improve educational outcomes, and it's been weeks since they received the task force report telling them what to do. In fact, the task force was consulting openly, so it wasn't a great mystery what their recommendations would be. Still, other than hire an extra Associate Deputy Minister, the Ball Liberals have done nothing to implement the report's 82 recommendations in the 2017-18 academic year," said Brazil.




"In fact, the Education Minister seems to believe there is no urgency, as he is on the record saying the sky is not going to fall if action is delayed. That's ironic, given the fact that the task force entitled their report 'The Time is Now' to stress the urgent need to act. What are the Minister's timelines for action if the start of yet another school year is too soon for him?"




"What's confusing parents is that the Liberals said they had answers when they were in Opposition, but that was years ago. If they knew what they wanted and needed to do, what's taking them so long to start doing it? The least they can do is to provide an indication of when they will begin to act and how they will schedule the implementation of the task force recommendations they sought," said Brazil.




"We're left to wonder whether the Liberal government even accepts all of those recommendations on such critical matters as inclusive education, or if they're now studying the study. When asked last year about inclusive education, the Minister referred to the deficit as an excuse for delaying action. Either education is a Liberal priority or it is not‎. If they're not prepared to act, they shouldn't have promised to do so. It is for them to figure out how to prioritize their initiatives while living within the province's fiscal means. That's what governance is all about," said Brazil.








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