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Atlantic Opposition Leaders Call on Provincial Liberals to Condemn Tax Attack


The leaders of Atlantic Canada's Progressive Conservative parties today called on the four Liberal Premiers from the region to stand up for Atlantic Canadians and to condemn the Ottawa Liberals’ unfair tax changes that attack small business owners, entrepreneurs, farmers, doctors and families.


The four Opposition Leaders joined forces in Halifax to release a joint letter sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau. The four PC leaders challenged the four Liberal Premiers to follow their example.


The letter expresses the Opposition Leaders’ shared concerns that the tax grab will hurt the middle class and do serious damage to the economy and healthcare systems in all four provinces.


“This issue will have huge implications for our region,” says Jamie Baillie, Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia. “Many Atlantic Canadians already find it tough to live in this part of the country or find a family doctor, and this tax grab will only make things worse. Stephen McNeil must stand up for Nova Scotians and stop these changes before the damage is done.”


“A Premier's loyalty should be to the people of their province. Unfortunately, Brian Gallant has shown time and again that his loyalty is to the Liberal party and to the Liberal government in Ottawa,” states Blaine Higgs, Leader of New Brunswick’s Progressive Conservative Opposition, “This tax grab is not about fairness, it is about a tax and spend philosophy that runs deep in the Liberal party. It will hurt our businesses and entrepreneurs at a time they can least afford it.


“Small business is the engine that powers our local economy on Prince Edward Island. These tax changes will have wide ranging negative impacts that will affect existing small businesses, new business startups, family farms and health professionals. Our Atlantic Premiers should be making a common stand to Ottawa against these changes instead of hiding in the shadows waiting for their cut of another tax hike," says Jamie Fox, Interim Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Prince Edward Island.


“We stand resolutely against the proposed federal Liberal policy to raise taxes even higher on the small-business employers whose success we need to drive our economy,” said Paul Davis, Leader of Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador. “This attack on small business will be devastating; the new federal tax grab is not well thought out, difficult to understand and is being rushed through without proper consultation or analysis on what the impacts will be. Provincial and federal Liberals have a responsibility to advocate for those they represent, not roll over and accept from their Liberal counterparts that this is a good decision. The federal tax proposal should be scrapped.”


Canadians have until October 2, 2017, to communicate their concerns about the proposed tax changes to their provincial and federal representatives.






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