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Thursday, December 7, 2017

December 7, 2017


For Immediate Release


No Confidence the Minister Knows the Status of Workplace NL Appeals


Kevin Parsons, Workplace NL Critic for the Official Opposition, today during question period in the House of Assembly, asked the Minister Responsible for Workplace NL a number of questions concerning backlogged appeals and how long it will take to work these appeals through the system.


Parsons asked: “Is the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Review Division meeting its requirement to deliver its decision within 60 days?” The Minister could not say.


Parsons asked: “How many clients are currently backlogged at the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Review Division?” The Minister said about 150.


Parsons said: “Very interesting, Mr. Speaker. Minister, how long have they been waiting? Do you have a time frame that some of these 150 have been waiting?” The Minister could not give any details.


Parsons said: “Again, Mr. Speaker, I remind the minister that we get calls from clients all the time. They’re waiting to hear from the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Review Division and they want to know when because they’ve been put off and put off. You told us today that there are 150 clients out there waiting that are in this backlog, which is huge. I’d just ask: Can they expect it to be done within the next six months? Can they expect it to be done in the next seven months? What’s the time frame?”


The Minister would only say the process is moving along.


Parsons said, “The Minister should be on top of this process and do more to ensure the people whose appeals are being heard get decisions more quickly.”




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