Liberals Dodge Accountability in Fall

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Friday, December 8, 2017

December 8, 2017


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Liberals Dodge Accountability in Fall Sitting of the House




Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, “The Ball Liberals spent the fall sitting of the House dodging accountability and erecting walls to protect themselves from scrutiny.”




· The Liberals exempted health and education from mandatory reporting of serious incidents to the Child and Youth Advocate.


· The Liberals changed the law to allow the House of Assembly Management Commission to meet and make decisions without any opposition members present.


· The Liberals ignored warnings from the Medical Association and the Privacy Commissioner that their prescription monitoring legislation compromises patient confidentiality, leaves patients at risk of losing access to medication they need, and gives the Minister unjustified new powers.


· The Liberals voted against a call by the province’s physicians for an independent inquiry into the health system.


· The Liberals attempted to change the elections legislation to shorten nomination deadlines to disadvantage opposition parties in their ability to get candidates in place.


· The Liberals provided long-range fiscal projections that the Auditor General could not substantiate.


· The Liberals implied a fisheries fund had been signed when it had not been finalized.


· The Liberals allowed the Natural Resources Minister to advise on the terms of reference of the Muskrat Falls inquiry that could be investigating her own actions.


· The Liberals hid oversight reports on the Muskrat Falls project throughout their watch.


· The Liberals hid information about embedded Muskrat Falls contractors.


· The Liberals refused to disclose talks with Quebec about energy.


· The Liberals hid answers about how Nalcor will source an electricity rate mitigation fund.


· The Liberals hid the proclamation of the generic offshore royalty regime.


· The Industry minister hid the pending closure of the Research & Development Corporation from the Budget Estimates Committee and the House.


· The Liberals hid the costs of moving the Crown lands division.


· The Liberals hid the ranking of road projects evaluated by the Transportation department.


· The Liberals flip-flopped on an environmental assessment of the Grieg aquaculture project without explaining why.


· The Liberals refused to say whether they were entertaining a proposal to sole-source marijuana products from outside the province, and withheld plans to prepare for cannabis legalization.


· The Liberals reneged on a promise to impose efficiency measures on agencies, boards and commissions.


· The Liberals refused to inform students that their College of the North Atlantic program was on probation.


· The Liberals refused to consult with a women’s group calling for an inquiry into violence against women and girls.


· The Liberals rushed legislation to the House without adequate time for scrutiny.


· The Liberals waited eight months before giving the opposition its legislation on significant court changes until a couple of hours before the debate commenced.


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