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Liberal Plea for Expats Shows Disconnect


Barry Petten, AES Critic for the Official Opposition, said, "A $22,800 plea from the Ball Liberals for expatriates to return to Newfoundland and Labrador is a sign of desperation from a government that hasn't yet realized its own policies are driving people away."


"People have lost spending power under the Ball Liberals' 300 tax and fee increases. Thousands have lost jobs. And ‎more and more have lost hope and confidence that this government can turn things around," said Petten.


"The Liberal levy and taxes on everything from gas to insurance to retail products to income has made it difficult for many to afford to live here. It's going to take more than a faint plea to convince people to return. Liberal talk of doom and gloom since they were elected has driven people away, and they don’t appear to recognize why people are leaving the province. The Ball Liberals ought to be overseeing a strategic economic plan to turn things around, but they don't have such a plan," he said.


"Lost consumer confidence ‎has cut spending, lost investor confidence has cut hiring and lost hope has driven people to pack up and leave. It's hard for people to have hope that their lives will improve when the Liberals offer nothing of substance to give people confidence."


"The Ball Liberals have spent two years, not just talking of gloom, but creating a climate of gloom. The whole province is reaping the impacts of their self-fulfilling prophecies of doom," he said.


"They should have been lowering taxes, driving investment, nurturing innovation, fighting for our fair share and giving people confidence that they have a plan for growth. That's the only thing that will bring people home," said Petten.






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