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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March 6, 2018


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Ball Government Awarded Ball’s Company a $400,000 Grant, Benefitting the Premier Even Though It Was Forbidden


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said, “The Ball government awarded Premier Ball’s company a $400,000 grant that benefitted the Premier even though that was explicitly forbidden.”


The 2016 contract explicitly stated that no provincial MHA “shall be admitted to any share or part of any contract, agreement or commission made pursuant to this agreement or to any benefit arising there from.”


“Premier Ball says the Commissioner for Legislative Standards reviewed this matter and gave it the green light, but the Premier refuses to release any letter from the Commissioner to back up this claim. Was the Commissioner made aware of the contract clause that prevents an MHA from benefitting from such a grant? Did he really approve it? “ said Davis.


“We have nothing but the Premier’s word that he had an opinion from the commissioner. When asked in the house of assembly today, the Premier would not commit to release the opinion. The Premier has a responsibility to release the Commissioner’s letter, if there is a letter. What happened to the openness and transparency that the Liberals boasted about? ”


Davis said, “The Premier will benefit from this contract – from the taxpayers’ money that will flow as a result of this contract signed by his government for his company under his watch as Premier. It’s as simple as that. Will the Premier repay the $400,000 of public money given by his government to his company while he was Premier?”




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