New Carbon Tax Coming – But No Answers

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

March 29, 2018


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New Carbon Tax Coming – But No Answers in Budget 2018


Barry Petten, Opposition Critic for the Environment, said, “People were expecting to hear details of the new Liberal carbon tax in the 2018 Budget, but instead they were told to wait until later in the spring. This new tax is coming, on top of the more than 300 Liberal tax and fee increases still in place, but the Liberals decided to hide the carbon tax details instead of being open and transparent with the people.”


Petten questions how the Liberals can call their Budget document a fiscal plan when such a huge component is missing. “It is concerning that the budget documents did not provide the details of the carbon tax which the Liberals intend to impose, and which will impact people and our economy,” he said.


“A tax is a tax, and this one will impact every resident in Newfoundland and Labrador. Exactly when will the Liberals give people the details of the new tax they will be forcing people to pay?”


“How much more money will the Liberal carbon tax take out of the pockets of overtaxed people, families and employers? The liberals admitted in their budget speech that the carbon tax will come as an added cost to the province. The Liberals have an obligation to tell people how much more pain they expect people to bear,” he said.


Under questioning from Petten in the House of Assembly on March 28, Environment Minister Eddie Joyce refused to provide any of the details Petten was seeking.


“We’ve already done our part as a province to reduce our carbon footprint by investing in hydro power to stop burning oil for electricity at Holyrood. It’s shameful for the Liberals to force our people to pay more. Liberal overtaxing is stifling our province’s economy,” he said.




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