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Crosbie Government Would Remove Age Cap on Insulin Pump Coverage


St. John’s, NL (March 28. 2019) – PC Opposition Leader Ches Crosbie said a government he leads would remove the age cap that currently prevents people with Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM) from having their insulin pumps covered by Medicare when they turn 25.


“Type 1 diabetes does not end when a young person turns 25, and neither should the medical coverage they need,” said Crosbie.


“The Medical School students of Memorial University made a persuasive, evidence-based case to our caucus that removing the age cap on insulin pumps is a sound health care policy, because insulin pumps are proven to deliver insulin more effectively, sparing people with Type 1 diabetes the risks, complications and costs of regulating their insulin levels with blood tests and needle injections throughout the day,” he said.


“This is not only a quality-of-life issue, but also an issue of fiscal responsibility, as it will reduce health care costs over time by keeping people healthier.  It bends the province’s long-term health care cost curve downwards, which is a good thing.”


“Health policies that keep people healthier and reduce long-term complications and costs make good sense.”


“We have heard horror stories of young people with Type 1 diabetes who are afraid to turn 25 and making life-altering choices that they would not otherwise make, simply because the government requires them to start paying for the insulin pumps they need to keep them healthy after they turn 25.  While other young people celebrate their 25th birthday, these young people live in dread of that day, and that’s not right.”


“The government has been ignoring young people with Type 1 diabetes for years.  It’s time for a government that will solve the problem by immediately removing the cap – and I will.”


A Ches Crosbie Government will give Newfoundlanders and Labradorians a more affordable future.



Bradley Russell

Director of Policy and Research

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