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Liberal Rate Mitigation Plan Doesn’t Add Up: Crosbie


St. John’s, NL (Monday, April 15. 2019) – PC Opposition Leader Ches Crosbie said the Ball Liberals’ rate mitigation plan doesn’t add up.


The Crosbie plan – announced a month ago on March 11 – guarantees that ratepayers will not pay a single dime on their power bills for Muskrat Falls.  The extra amount they will pay for the project is zero.


The Ball Liberals plagiarized the PC plan, with a sum total that is virtually the same.


But then the tricky Liberals penciled in another $200 million in federal money that Ottawa hasn’t even agreed to give them – just to get a lower number lower than zero.


Essentially, what the Liberals propose to do is to subsidize Fortis.


The problem is, their $200 million in federal cash needed to make that happen is funny money that will probably never materialize.


It’s pre-election campaign trickery of the worst kind.


It’s fake money, just like the fake Accord money Mr. Ball announced the week before.


And just like the fake surplus the Liberals will announce in their Budget – paid for with money that our grandchildren are on the hook to pay back, with a stroke of Mr. Ball’s pen.


What a reckless way to govern!  No wonder the Liberals shut down Question Period for a week and want to shut the House after the Budget, before officials can be questioned about the truth of these numbers on the public record.


Voters need to know the Liberal rate mitigation plan isn’t worth the cost of the napkin it was scribbled on.



Bradley Russell

Director of Policy and Research

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