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Thursday, April 18, 2019

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Thursday, April 18, 2019


Crosbie: “I will put patients first and identify the waste in the system. They deserve better”


PC Leader Ches Crosbie said, “I do not intend to cut health care expenditures.  But what I do intend to do is ensure every dollar we spend improves patients’ access to quality health services for better results.”


“We spend almost $3 billion on health care – almost 40 percent of our total expenditures – but we continue to have some of the highest rates of chronic disease and poorest health outcomes in the country.


“We have the lowest life expectancy in Canada, the highest rate of heart disease, the highest rate of lifestyle associated cancers, the highest rate of diabetes.


“We’re spending more per person than any other province – yet patients have the worst outcomes.  For patients in this province, that’s not good enough.  It‘s got to change.


“I will not cut health care spending.  What I will do is identify the waste so the money can be spent better – so patients get care sooner and get healthier instead of sicker.


“I will value the input of patients and those involved in the delivery of health care services. My approach is about improving care for the people of our province.”


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