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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Arts and Tourism are Vital Economic Growth Sectors

Cow Head / Rocky Harbour, NL (May 7, 2019) – PC Opposition Leader Ches Crosbie said,
“The arts and tourism are vital economic growth sectors that can sustain thousands of jobs in
rural Newfoundland and Labrador – but we will never tap the full potential unless we do a better
job of working together to make it happen.”

Newfoundland and Labrador locales like Cow Head and Rocky Harbour are stunningly beautiful,
rivaling tourism spots anywhere, but it has taken creativity and ambition to make them the
tourism destinations they are today – and we’ve only captured the tip of the iceberg of our true
growth potential.

A decade ago, when newfound pride was surging through our province, it was through the arts
that this energy was expressed best. Some of the most prominent artists in the country are
homegrown – and recently, many of them urged the province to consider increasing the budget
of ArtsNL to $5 million over the next three years. A PC government will do this. We get it. We
know that every dollar of this investment will deliver exponentially.

To grow tourism, we will partner with Hospitality NL and others throughout the tourism industry
to develop a renewed tourism strategy that will take our industry to the next level, targeting the
off seasons so we can sustain the benefits longer, exploring untapped opportunities in
adventure tourism and drawing people with heritage, culture, activities and infrastructure.

We will also place a tourism lens on our provincial roads plan, because enabling people to get
around safely is critical for residents and visitors alike.

The Liberals lost vital air access routes to Nova Scotia and remained quiet while Gulf ferry rates
increased. We will fight harder and louder to bring fair treatment, new opportunities and jobs to
Newfoundland and Labrador. No one will stand up for Newfoundland and Labrador around the
national table if our own government won’t – and since the Ball Liberals have shown an
unwillingness to fight, then for the sake of the thousands they’ve let down, it’s time to show them
the door.

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Newfoundland and Labrador has a rich history, a vibrant culture, and a natural environment
that makes our province a unique tourist destination for many. A Crosbie government will act,
in partnership with the industry associations, with the goal of expanding the industry. In
partnership with Hospitality NL, we will develop a renewed “Uncommon Potential” strategy.

A Crosbie government will implement a renewed Air Access Strategy to ensure that visitors can
access our province from major transportation hubs. A Crosbie government will also work to
ensure access to our province by water is more affordable as the regular increases by Marine
Atlantic are a barrier to access for many.

We will explore the option of making specific investments that grow the numbers of seats on
planes using Newfoundland and Labrador airports. Tourists bring money into the province.
Their economic impact justifies the investment in air access to get them here. Other
jurisdictions have driven air access by investing in capacity growth, having calculated the
economic return on that investment and realized that the benefits are greater than the amount
invested. We make similar calculations when we invest in airport upgrades. We will bring this
same proactive way of thinking to decisions about investing in flight capacity, service quality,
frequency and convenience.

By placing a tourism lens on the provincial roads plan, we will ensure that tourists are able to
move throughout our province with little disruption and with quality roads.
We will take actions to enhance the brand and marketing of the province. We will continue to
invest in the award-winning marketing campaigns that have set Newfoundland and Labrador

Our province offers a variety of unique tourist experiences. We will ensure our ecotourism,
adventure tourism, and cultural tourism brands are all developed and marketed to prospective
visitors. By extending the shoulder seasons and developing our winter tourism, we will make
our province a year-round tourist destination. We will collaborate with the outfitting sector to
promote this tourism niche. We will invest in heritage interpretation, site development and
other product development to enrich the experiences of tourists.

Prominent artists recently urged the provincial government to consider increasing the budget of
ArtsNL to $5 million over the next three years. A Crosbie government will do this. We will work
with ArtsNL on ways to ensure funding is available for new and emerging artists, for up-and-
coming members of the arts community, and for artists in rural communities. We will consider
ways to simplify the funding application and approval process. When tourists and local
residents travel throughout our province, they enjoy not only our spectacular land- and
seascapes, but the experiences they can have with people. Art celebrates who we are and
amplifies the value of the tourist’s experience. Whether it’s a mural on a building or the
woodwork along a trail, a perfectly cooked meal or a handmade textile, a local festival or the
sounds of local musicians playing their songs, these are the things that make a tourism
experience unique and unforgettable, and get the word passed along to others who are looking
for a wonderful place to go. It’s not just a line in an ad. It’s who we are. We will drive growth
in our tourism sector by investing in our arts community, both in urban and rural regions, in
recognition of the power of artists to magnify the impact of those investments, promote
tourism, educate and inspire.

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