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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Crosbie Will Remove the Barriers to Personal Care Home Access

Grand Bank, NL (May 15, 2019) – PC Leader Ches Crosbie said, “A government I lead will reverse the decision of the Liberals that restricts seniors’ access to personal care homes.”

Crosbie said this commitment is a major part of the PC health care policy defined in the Party’spolicy Blue Book, published two weeks ago. “Wherever I’ve traveled in the province during this campaign, people have been telling me the Ball Liberal policy is denying people the care they need, particularly vulnerable seniors. That’s just not acceptable. On my watch, the Liberal policy will end, and access to these facilities will be restored so seniors are not left to fend on their own.”

“Currently, assessors are obligated to strictly enforce a policy that requires applicants to have a physical care need – and sometimes more than one care need – to qualify for admission to a personal care home.

Mental wellness issues such as depression, loneliness, fear and anxiety do not qualify as acceptable care needs on their own.

This is a very regressive and regrettable step in the provision of mental health care in this province.

It is well documented that mental health affects physical health.

Today, many seniors, who would have previously qualified for admission are being turned away.

Personal care home beds are lying empty while needy seniors are awaiting assessments.

There is much evidence to support that the intervention of personal care homes can defer or even eliminate the need for the more expensive long-term care option.”

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