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Friday, May 17, 2019

Crosbie Offers Congratulations

For Immediate Release

Amid the outcome last night, I omitted to offer the following congratulations, and for this omission I offer my apologies.

I congratulate Premier Ball on his 20 seat plurality, which entitles him to meet the House of Assembly and seek the confidence of the House. As Leader of the Opposition, I look forward to working with him to advance the interests of Newfoundland and Labrador, including his commitment to the vital interest of attaining budgetary balance and recovery by 2022-23.

I wish to thank the candidates for the PC Party of Newfoundland and Labrador who bravely stepped forward, in challenging circumstances, to put their efforts and ideas to the test of democracy. Those 15 candidates who were successful have the advantage of knowing that the PC Party came within 1% of the governing Liberals in popular vote, and that they have a strong mandate from the people, backed by a comprehensive policy platform, from which to provide a powerful opposition. 

I encourage those candidates who were unsuccessful, to maintain their commitment to the democratic process and to the vision of the PC Party for jobs and hope, an affordable future and honest leadership.

Finally, I wish to thank the people of the province for expressing their commitment to the democratic process by voting, and I wish to thank the voters of Windsor Lake.



Ches Crosbie

Leader of the Official Opposition

PC Party of Newfoundland and Labrador


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