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Conception Bay Highway Dangerous, According to PC MHA, Transportation Critic, Municipal Leaders
With school reopening and the construction season drawing to a close, people fear the deplorable road conditions will result in a tragedy.
Thursday, August 29, 2019

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St. John’s, NL (August 29, 2019) – Parts of the Conception Bay Highway are dangerous, according to Harbour Main PC MHA Helen Conway Ottenheimer, PC transportation critic Barry Petten and local municipal leaders.

Municipal officials are pressing the Opposition to sound the alarm. With school reopening and the construction season drawing to a close, people fear the deplorable road conditions will result in a tragedy.

Conway Ottenheimer raised the issue with transportation minister Steve Crocker when the House was open in June, drawing particular attention to the condition of Roaches Line (Route 70), but the minister told her they were out of funds because of commitments to work on Veterans’ Memorial Highway (Route 75).

Petten said, “The transportation minister has an obligation to ensure roads in the province are safe to drive over, but some roads pose a real danger to motorists.”

Conway Ottenheimer is drawing attention to the generally deplorable conditions of the highway that leads northeast from Holyrood to Upper Gullies. But northwest of Holyrood, there are two other situations that are causing great concern.

“I have received complaints from the town council and individual residents about road conditions in Colliers.”

“I am also especially worried about the state of the road in South River and have spoken directly with and received correspondence from municipal leaders in South River, describing their concerns.”

One South River official wrote: “the Town has received many comments from residents expressing valid concerns. The pot holes and ruts make driving dangerous and it is unsafe for pedestrians to walk on the side of the road. Recently, a vehicle fell off of a tow truck on our section of the highway, raising serious safety concerns.”

Another South River official described the section in South River between Boones Road and the bridge where there are many large, recurring potholes. This section is in front of a daycare. “Parents drop their kids off in the morning and the daycare providers will put the school aged children on the bus to attend All Hallows,” wrote the official. “I have witnessed many near misses from people trying to avoid these potholes. I have also witnessed extensive damage to a car from striking these potholes which caused the vehicle to leave the road and nearly strike the fence and enter the daycare parking lot. This is a major safety concern in our community.” The bridge is also impassable to pedestrians.

The second official also wrote: “the ambulances who have to use this section of the highway between South River Hill to the bridge, have identified this as one of the worst sections on their route to the hospital.”



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