Why Spend $1M for Another Muskrat Falls

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Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015

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Official Opposition Welcomes Oversight Report,

Asks Why Spend A Million Dollars for Another Report


Keith Hutchings, Opposition House Leader, welcomes yesterday's report of the Muskrat Falls oversight committee that the previous government appointed in 2014, which included a Review of Muskrat Falls Project Costs and Schedule Management Processes and Controls by EY, but asks why the government now wants to spend a million dollars for yet another report.






“The Muskrat Falls Project oversight mechanisms are in place, because we put them there. Nalcor continues to manage the project in accordance with appropriate management practices, as the oversight report we commissioned shows. The current government today endorsed the competency of Nalcor’s executive and recognized their confidence in the management team. There are cost and scheduling challenges on a project this large, and those challenges and risks are part of project management and overseen under the purview of the oversight committee that will continue to monitor the project.




“It is unclear why the province should spend another $1 million of taxpayers’ money with the current oversight mechanisms in place, which appear to be integrated and performing.


“Every review, both before and during the project's go-ahead, has deemed Muskrat Falls to be the best option to meet the future power needs of our people and industries at the most affordable cost while opening doors for economic expansion and revenue generation through surplus power exports. That is the reason we sanctioned the project in 2011.”




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