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Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016

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Liberals Abandon Health Red Book Promises


Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said the cuts announced today by Eastern Health as part of the Ball government’s 2016 Budget break the election promises the Ball government was elected on.


Davis said, “The Liberals, who promised to increase early detection and screening, are cutting diagnostic imaging and doing away with clinical breast exams as part of a cost-saving exercise, which is the wrong reason to implement any change in cancer screening. The Liberals, who promised to replace the Waterford without delay, are instead closing a residential patient unit at the Waterford. The Liberals, who promised enhanced mental health and addictions services, are instead cutting them. The Liberals, who promised to expand seniors’ care, are instead closing seniors’ care facilities. The Liberals, who promised to enhance access to care where people need it, are instead reducing the number of inpatient beds at the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre.”


“These health cuts not only betray the promises the Liberals campaigned on a few months ago, but will impact some of the most vulnerable people in our society who are living with mental health challenges and addictions, and raise serious questions about whether people will receive the early diagnosis and treatment they need,” said Davis.

Below are details of 2015 Red Book promises compared with the announcements on April 18 from Eastern Health outlining health cuts in the wake of the 2016 Liberal Budget cuts:


Red Book Promise 2015


Eastern Health Cut Caused by Budget 2016


Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Program


• Enhance early detection and screening, as well as treatment by primary healthcare teams working on the front lines of chronic disease management;

• Improve diagnostic services and timelines to reduce wait-lists for detection and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease

Breast Screening

• Clinical breast exams will no longer be performed as a component of routine breast screening.

• Women age 40-49 will no longer be screened as a component of the population-based breast screening program.

• Impacted areas include St. John’s, Gander and Corner Brook


Diagnostic Imaging

• Reduction of staffing levels / hours of service


Expand Senior Care


• Through smarter spending and sustainable investments, Liberals will provide the best care possible for our seniors and respect their independence.


Masonic Park Nursing Home


• Closure of Masonic Park and transfer of operations to the Veterans Pavilion

Strengthen Mental Health and Addictions Care


• Our Mental Health and Addictions Strategy will set us on the right path to delivering a stronger mental health and addictions system to meet the growing demand for services and build a healthier province overall.

• A New Liberal Government will ensure that mental health receives the same attention as physical health

• A New Liberal Government will strengthen provincial policies to show the importance placed on mental health within our healthcare system


Health Sciences Centre

• Integration of psychiatric emergency nursing services with Janeway services

• Reduction of staffing levels


Rowan Centre

• Integration of Rowan Centre services into Tuckamore Youth Treatment Centre in Paradise



• Closure of ACCESS House

• Realignment of services and staff

Replace the Waterford Hospital


• As part of that commitment, under a New Liberal Government, replacing the Waterford Hospital will happen as a priority project and without delay. We will ensure those affected by mental health and addictions challenges get the respect, support, and services they need and deserve.


Waterford Hospital


• closure of a 10-bed residential unit (N2B) at the Waterford Hospital for persons with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. Residents will be transferred to Pleasantview LTC Facility

Improving Health and Healthcare


• Despite these challenges, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians still deserve access to quality healthcare whenever they need it. Liberals have a plan to improve health and healthcare that is dedicated to better access, better outcomes, and better health for all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.




• reducing the number of inpatient beds at the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre




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