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Party Phone Number

(709) 753-6043


Party Email Address

If you do not have an individual email address you can still sign up to be a Member or Support of the PC party.

Please call us at 1-709-753-6043. Leave a message with you name, phone number and the best time of day for a membership volunteer to return your call.

A Membership volunteer will call you back and get your postal mail details, confirm that it is your intention to sign up for the Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador and will send you a sign-up package.

The sign-up package will include a form to be completed as well as instructions for what photocopies of Id are required to be submitted with your application.

Your membership will be valid from the postal date on your sign -up package. If there are pending votes that you would be entitled to vote tin the PC party mailbox will be checked at the cut off time and all applications precent before that cut off will be eligible for the vote. Those received after the cut off will not, regardless of the postal date.

Members signed up without an individual email address will vote by phone for leadership and nominations contests. If in person voting is available for a vote that are able to vote in person.

The paper membership form will be the same as the online one but will not have a space for an email address. The membership sign-up kits will be numbered and tracked by the membership volunteers. Speaking to a membership volunteer on the phone is the only way to get one. A campaign cannot request one for a person. A campaign cannot photocopy a bunch and get people to sign up. The membership volunteers must speak to the person before sending out the kit to them. If there are two people in a household two kits must be sent, and we must speak with both people on the phone.

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