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Furey Liberals Continually Ignore Cost of Living Crisis: Wakeham


For Immediate Release

(July 3, 2024, St. John’s, N.L.) – Progressive Conservative Leader Tony Wakeham (MHA, Stephenville – Port au Port) is continuing to raise concerns about the skyrocketing costs of living in Newfoundland and Labrador – noting that recent news articles about food bank usage are evidence that the current lack of a poverty reduction plan and action to combat the rising cost of living by the Furey Liberals has resulted in widespread hardship in this province. 

Wakeham was reacting to a recent CBC article that highlighted the soaring use of food banks in the Conception Bay North and St. John’s areas.

“This morning, we see yet another food bank asking for donations because more people are relying on their service to put food on the table,” said Wakeham. “This is the latest in a series of reports pointing towards increased food poverty in every region of this province. More and more seniors, children and families face hardship, choosing between paying rent, buying essential supplies, or eating.”

These food banks join the Seniors’ Advocate, Jimmy Pratt Foundation, Choices for Youth, and Community Food Sharing Association, all of which have spoken out about the unprecedented increased demand. 

“Why are the Liberals ignoring these cries? How many more children, seniors and working-class families will be forced into poverty before the Liberals finally take action?” questioned Wakeham.

“A PC government I lead will cancel the sugar tax, index the Seniors’ Benefit to inflation, and lead the charge to end the carbon tax for good. We will work with farmers, food producers and retailers to put healthy, local, affordable food on people’s tables. We will deliver a responsive Poverty Reduction and Prevention Strategy. We will take action.”