Office of the Official Opposition 

Furey Liberals Threaten 2024 Road Construction Season: McKenna


For Immediate Release

(June 14, 2024 St. John’s, N.L.) – Jim McKenna, PC Shadow Minister of Transportation (MHA, Fogo Island – Cape Freels), is calling on the Furey Liberal Government to clarify new tendering rules called bid limits.


McKenna is reacting to a copy of a letter recently sent to the Heavy Civil Association of Newfoundland and Labrador outlining new bid limits as part of public tendering for road work. Many have viewed the letter, which was signed by the Deputy Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, as an attempt to circumvent the tendering process.


"The construction season is well underway, and the Furey Liberals are suddenly changing the game's rules," said McKenna. "Tens of millions of road work routinely does not get spent or is carried over. Imposing artificial limits in the tendering process mid-way through the construction season will only cause further delays and compromise the motoring public's safety."


McKenna noted he has heard from contractors who have seen tenders abruptly cancelled with no explanation. He also suggested that due to the cost of living crisis including the Liberal carbon tax, companies are facing increasing costs for liquid asphalt, diesel fuel, wages and other expenses.


"The Minister should have met with these companies after last season to work through these issues. Instead, while the motoring public calls for road improvements and new pavement, the Minister plays with the process and adds delays. Once again, work is not going to get done."