It’s official: Andrew Furey and Gerry Byrne have spent $171,000 of YOUR tax dollars to sponsor a soccer club in the United Kingdom.

It's time to stop them.

After 9 years, 25% of Canadians live in poverty and 32% of our province's seniors do not have enough income to meet their basic needs. Food banks struggle to stay open and can't keep up with the everlasting demand. While so many are pleading for help, this is where your tax dollars are being squandered by the Furey Liberal Government. 

Under Tony Wakeham and the PCs this wasteful spending never would have happened.

Like you, we understand that times are tough. Governing is about choices and the Furey Liberals have made their choice. 

Sign today to help us stop Andrew Furey, Gerry Byrne, and the Liberals wasteful spending while so many families and seniors are struggling.

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