Office of the Official Opposition 

PC’s Slam Furey Liberals on Workplace Safety


For Immediate Release


(June 5, 2024 Bishop’s Falls, N.L.) – The PC Official Opposition is calling on the Furey Liberal government to take immediate and decisive action in response to a damning internal provincial government audit that exposes severe shortcomings in the investigation of serious workplace accidents in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Key findings in the audit include inadequate staffing, lack of training, and outdated investigative procedures, all contributing to delays that have allowed some employers to evade charges due to the expiration of the two-year statutory deadline.

"The findings of this audit are severely damning," stated Pleaman Forsey, PC Shadow Minister Responsible for Workplace NL and MHA for Exploits. "While many employers in our province are diligently working to ensure the safety of their workers, the provincial government is failing to update their outdated policies and procedures, putting workers at risk."

The audit reveals that at least one-quarter of the investigations reviewed were not completed within the required two-year timeframe and noted that many charges were frequently filed just days before the deadline.

"OHS investigations serve as a crucial deterrent and protect workers injured on the job. The fact that charges are often laid at the last minute or not at all is unacceptable," said Forsey. "The Minister responsible has remained silent on these serious findings, raising concerns about their commitment to worker safety."

Forsey called on the Furey Liberals to stop delaying and implement the audit's recommendations without hesitation.

"It's time for the Minister to step up, address these critical issues, and provide peace of mind to workers and employers. Right now, it's like having police without enforcement – how does that protect workers? The Minister needs to put themselves in the shoes of an injured worker and feel the anger and frustration these findings would evoke. These workers deserve better."