Wakeham Urges Action on Disability Funding Cuts

For Immediate Release


(June 4, 2024, St. John’s, N.L.) – Progressive Conservative Leader Tony Wakeham (MHA, Stephenville – Port au Port) is calling on the Furey-Trudeau Liberals to act on the concerns raised by many community organizations, including those serving people with disabilities, regarding the recent cut-off of the top-up for Labour Market Transfer Agreements.

The federal government recently ended its top-up for Labour Market Transfer Agreements, which had been in place since 2017.

“Right now, the Furey-Trudeau Liberals are trying to distance themselves from one another while people with disabilities across the province are caught in the crosshairs,” said Wakeham. “The work that supported employment organizations throughout this province and their impacts on many people’s lives cannot become a fight with Ottawa.”

“Sadly, as the Liberals bicker over who to blame, the people with disabilities are left in the middle, worrying about what this means for their future,” said Wakeham. “This program offers those with disabilities hope and self-esteem and makes people feel part of the community; the benefits from this program to those with disabilities and their families are irreplaceable.”

Wakeham said, “The Premier claims to support persons with disabilities, but it has become abundantly clear that the Furey Liberals knew well before this year’s budget that the Trudeau Liberals were ending the top-up. Yet the Furey-Liberals failed to address this funding shortfall. Now, organizations are left wondering what next.”

“It’s time for the Furey-Trudeau Liberals to stop blaming each other. Organizations must begin planning for the next year, and the hundreds benefiting from the programs deserve peace of mind.”